SSAW Autumn Winter 2019 - 2020

SSAW Autumn Winter 2019 - 2020

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336 pages


Cover 3

Marjatta Nissinen photographed by Sergei Pavlov and styled by Tuomas Laitinen




- Paul Kooiker and Azza Yousif

- Tom Ordoyno and Ellie Grace Cumming

- Olivier Theyskens by Dan Thawley

-  Hart Lëshkina and Thistle Brown

- Michael Bailey-Gates and Djuna Bel

- Ola Rindal and Tuomas Laitinen

- Torbjorn Rodland by Emma Reeves

-  Thomas Lohr and Tuomas Laitinen

-  Hiu Zhi Wei and Matt Holmes

- Yann Faucher and Adam Winder

- 10 Question for Dries Van Noten

- Sergei Pavlov and Tuomas Laitinen

-  Luca Khouri and Roxane Danset

- Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh by Elina Peltonen

- Osma Harvilahti and Laura Vartiainen

-  Jordan Hemingway and Tuomas Laitinen

-  Elina Kechicheva and Bridie Gilbert

- Javier Vallhonrat

- Trent Davis Bailey Styling Delphine Danhier

- Telfar by Mahoro Seward

- Michael James Fox and Felicia Garcia Rivera